Your next mission is our mission

Getting home after active duty can be daunting. Too often, the red tape can get in the way of the benefits you deserve. Goalster Veterans is designed by vets for you. We'll help you take your next steps with clarity, and ensure you get the support, care and benefits you've earned.
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The only VA rating assistance program in existence, tailored to your post-service success.

Are you transitioning from active duty?

The best time to begin your VA rating process is while you're still on active duty.

Are you a veteran without a VA rating?

Most unrated veterans either didn't know they were eligible for benefits or just found the process too frustrating.

Are you a veteran with a VA rating?

Whether appealing an unfavorable decision or seeking adjustments for worsened disability, the right benefits are the mission.

We've got your back.

Mission success plan

Your next mission is security. Goalster Veterans provides the support you need to submit your packet within 90 days. By combining a proven process with U.S. Special Forces veteran medical professionals, we've built the ultimate achievement platform for you. Let's start your next career step.

Expert guidance

Created by veterans for veterans, we know what it means to return home from duty and face uncertainty. When you join this team, you can trust that the next move will keep you safe, secure, and ensure you get the benefits you've earned.

Medical review

If you've been injured on active duty, or are experiencing any form of disability or illness as a result of your service, Goalster Veterans will help you access and complete your medical review, recognised by the VA.

Accountability partner

Goalster Veterans is committed to helping you reach your milestones. We ensure that each step of your VA rating process is taken care of professionally and efficiently. You've put your life on the line for our country, and that's why we'll be accountable for each step forward. Applying for the VA rating and other benefits can be complex, but we'll help you reach each milestone.

Easy and accessible

Goalster Veterans was created to make it easy for Veterans to access their benefits. After all you've done, this should be an easy mission. We'll make sure it is.

Get mission ready

You've earned your benefits, make getting them your goal.